Postgraduate Scholarships

Tan Kah Kee | Tan Ean Kiam
Tan Kah Kee and Tan Ean Kiam

The Tan Kah Kee Foundation offers three postgraduate scholarships for Singapre Citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) pursuing their full-time PhD or Master's degrees.

Successful applicants will each receive a one-off sum of S$12,000 for studying in the university. All scholarships do not carry any bond. The scholarships are given out once a year, and successful applicants may re-apply annually.

Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship

The Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship (TKKPS) was first offered by the Foundation in 1983, and is open annually to students of all races pursuing their PhD or Master's degrees. Professional degrees such as Master of Business Administration (MBA) are excluded.

TKKPS was set up by the after Tan Kah Kee Foundation was officially established. The mission of the Foundation is to carry on the charity works and to foster the Tan Kah Kee spirit in entrepreneurship and dedication to education.

Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship in the Humanities and Tan Eam Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship for Journalism

Besides the annual TKKPS, the Tan Kah Kee Foundation offers another postgraduate scholarship - namely, the Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship in the Humanities (TEKPS). TEKPS has been offered since 2011, and seeks to encourage Singapore Citizens and PRs to pursue their Master's or PhD degrees in fields relating to the Humanities.

TEKPS was set up in commemoration of the late Mr. Tan Ean Kiam, father of the late Mr. Tan Tock San, founding chairman of the Tan Kah Kee Foundation. Mr. Tan Ean Kiam (1881-1943) was a famous banker and community leader in pre-war Singapore. He was a director of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce as well as president of many established clan associations. In 1937, Tan Ean Kiam, together with five others of his contemporaries, namely Lee Kong Chian, Lee Chin Tian, Lee Choon Seng, Chew Hean Swee and Yeo Kiat Tiow, pooled their resources to acquire the villa that Dr. Sun Yat Sen stayed in while he was in Singapore. In 1938, Tan Ean Kiam became a committee member of the Nanyang Federation of China Relief Fund (NFCRF). Tan Ean Kiam served on the boards of numerous Chinese schools as chairperson and director. He donated generously to education. The newly established TEKPS is funded by the Tan Ean Kiam Foundation.

The Tan Eam Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship for Journalism is accepting applicants who are pursuing investigative and long-form journalism, a discipline dedicated to engaging in deep research and the coverage of stories that bring new and innovative perspectives to the field. Applicants need not have a background in journalism and we encourage applicants from all disciplines to apply.

Li Siong Tay Postgraduate Scholarship

Besides the annual TKKPS and TEKPS, the Tan Kah Kee Foundation offers another postgraduate scholarship - namely, the Li Siong Tay Postgraduate Scholarship (LSTPS). LSTPS will be offered from 2018 onwards, and seeks to encourage Singapore Citizens and PRs to pursue their Master's or PhD degrees in fields relating to the Education and Arts.


Registration Period30 Apr  – 30 May (Annually)
Shortlisting PeriodJun
Notice for Interview*1 week of Jul
Presentation CeremonyTBC

* Only shortlisted applicants will receive notice from us. If you do not hear from us by the end of 1st week of Jul, you are not selected for interview.

** Date might have changes.

Application Details

The application procedure and eligibility of all Scholarships are the same, except that TEKPS awards for the study of humanities-related fields and LSTPS awards for the study of education and arts-related fields.


The selection for the scholarships is highly selective and is based on the applicant's academic achievements and commitment to serving the community. To apply, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident;
  • Outstanding academic record (a good Honours Degree or equivalent);
  • A record of sustained commitment to serving the community;
  • Effectively bilingual.

Qualified applicants may apply irrespective of race, religion, age, and gender.


To apply, please submit:

  1. The completed application form (.docx) and all supporting documents via email to:
The required supporting documents are:
  • Personal statement
  • Certificates and transcripts of every completed year of study in College / University
  • A confidential letter of recommendation from current supervisor of undergraduate or postgraduate studies or employer
  • Documentary evidence to prove that the applicant has been admitted to the stated college/ university for the course indicated on the application form
  • Recommendation letter testifying or supporting documents (e.g. testimonials, press reports, samples of work, etc) regarding track record in community service or volunteer work  [Referee that email to us directly, please indicate <TKKPS(YEAR), applicant's full name, referee letter> on the Subject matters]

INCOMPLETE applications will be rejected. Regretfully, submissions will not be returned.

  • For online submission: Please DO NOT submit in PDF form or change the format of the application form.
  • The rest of the supporting documents can be submitted in PDF.
  • Please also fill-up the form in ENGLISH.

Management Committee

ChairmanAssoc Prof Tan Kheng Boon Eugene
Vice ChairmanDr Chua Ai Lin
Committee Members

Prof Chen Kang
A/Prof Ng Yin Kwee Eddie
A/Prof Kwek Leong Chuan
A/Prof Ren Ee Chee
Mr Tan Keng Leck
Ms Tan Peoy Gee Peggy
Ms Juliana Lim

Past Scholars

YearNameCourse of Study
2020Lau Hao Jun Regine CassandraDoctor of Philosophy in Clinical Neuropsychology
2020Choo Hui QinPhD in Precision Medicine and Healthcare
2020Sujeeta MenonPhD in Social Work
2020Ng Jing Kai AshtonPhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Chinese Studies)
2020Wee Jiaying KellynnPhD in Anthropology
2020Chin Hui Zhi RowenaPHD Psychology (Neuroscience Concentration)
2020Harisan Unais NasirPhD in Public Health (Health Systems & Policy)
2020Chua WendyMasters in Open Design (Interdisciplinary Masters in Cultural Studies and HumaniMes, Natural Science and Design)
2020Ang Yu QianPhD in Architecture (Building Technology)
2020Tang Wei Li JonathanPhD in Music
2019Muhammad Nadjad Bin Abdul RahimDoctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering
2019Low Wan Ning AudreyPhD in Psychiatry
2019Ng Aik SengDoctor of Philosophy in Medical Sciences
2019Izza Atiqa IshakMaster of Public Health
2019Tan Li Wen JessicaPhD in East Asian Languages and Civilizations
2019Sim Chi YinMPhil/PhD War Studies
2019Cham Fan Yang SeanMaster of Arts in Situated Practice
2019Chan Miaoxia MonicaDoctor in Education in Instructional Techology & Media
2019Loh Qiao Qian MayMaster of Music (Viola)
2019Tan Shi YuMasters in Music, Operatic Performance
2019Muhammad Noramin Bin Mohamed FaridPhD in Dance Studies
2018Tiong Kwong Yi EdwardMasters of Engineering
2018Foo Jing Ling HeidiPhD in Psychiatry, Medicine
2018Sim Chi YinMPhil / PhD War Studies
2018Liew Kong MengPhD in Cognitive and Behavioral Science
2018Quek YibingPhD, Philosophy and Education
2018Lin HongxuanPhD in History
2018Syaheedah Binte IskandarMA in History of Art and/or Archaeology
2018Kwek Wen QingMaster of Arts, Fine Arts
2018Lim Rui Min RachelMaster of Music in Vocal Pedagogy
2018Chiang Shu Wen JoleneMaster of Arts in Art Therapy
2018Nurul Shaza Binte Mohd IshakMA in Creative Producing
2017Chin Siang OngPhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine
2017Zhuang KuansongPhD in Disability Studies
2017Leonard Ng Wei TatPhD Engineering
2017Lee WilsonPhD in Philosophy
2017Tan Yuk Hong IanPhD in Architecture
2017Cheryl Foo Yunn SheePhD in Clinical Psychology
2017Soon Shu Min CamelliaMasters of Creative Music Therapy
2017Nabilah Binte Muhammad SaidMasters of Writing for Performance
2016Guo ZhexiPhD in Physics
2016Ng Kia BoonPhD in Physics
2016Leong Chun KiatPhD In Mathematics
2016Liang Zhen ChangPhD in Bioengineering
2016Hon Sui Ming RaymondPhD in Industrial Design
2016Khaw Yee JekMaster of Science in Strategic Product Design
2016Ng Hwee ChinErasmus Mundus Master in Journalism Media and Globolisation
2016David Loke Kai YuanMasters of Music, Violin Performance
2016Wee Kuan Chieh, AdrianMasters of Arts
2016Muhammad Noramin Bin Mohamed FaridPhD in Drama and Theatre Studies
2015Li ChurenMaster in Music
2015Mok Sze XinMaster of Engineering in Logistics
2015Yeo Ker SiangMaster of Arts in Information Experience Design
2015Nur Hani Binte ZainalDoctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology
2015Umardani Bin UmlePhD in Criminology
2015Lin LiPhD in English
2015Gao JiankangMPhil in Asian Middle Eastern Studies (Research)
2015Huo YasiMaster of Education Program in International Education Policy
2015Eugene Ong Sen ChunMaster of Architecture
2015Elizabeth WijayaPhD in Comparative Literature
2014Muhammad Noramin Bin Mohamed FaridChoreomundus - International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice & Heritage
2014Lin RongchanDoctor of Education
2014Liao BolunDoctor of Philosophy in History
2014Faizah Binte ZakariaPhD in History
2014Tan Li WenPhD in East Asia Languages and Civilisations
2014Ng Jean HuiMaster in History of Art and Visual Culture
2014Kang Pei ShanPhD in Developmental Psychology (Human Development)
2014Suen Johan Bin Mohd ZainPhD in Sociology
2013Ang Xing YiPhD in Finance and Economics
2013Ng Kuang Jong JoelDPhil International Relations
2013Li Yongrui JulianMaster Degree in Double Bass (Classical)
2013Chia Meng Tat JackPhD in History
2013Chen JiaxiMaster in Global and Imperial History
2013Goh Sao-EePhD in Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education
2013Cheong Yun YeePhD in Education
2013Chow Teck SengPhD in Asian Middle Eastern Studies